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Posts From October, 2010

Yesterday we said good bye to our dear friend Wendy 

Speaking of robins 

If robins ruled the world! 

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. 

My Indian name is Swims with Orca 

Sometimes in life you just need to slow down! 

My bad eye is a good eye 

Do ants daydream? 

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like a Picasso painting? 

My razor sharp $235 knife! 

Coconut Curry Recipe 

Sometimes the solution is right there at hand. 

I call him Eve. 

Oh joy ~ I'm tempted to go diving! 

We exercise Faith all the time 

Freeboard? We don't need no stinking freeboard! 

Arachnophobe Warning ~ spider picture inside 

Best. Pie. Ever. 

It wasn't against the law then. 

Then again ~ sometimes you can tell a book by its cover. 

Praying to see the light of day. 

Summer's over - Fall is here 

All your fish are belong to me! 

More ~ Like father like son 

Or are you a crab? 

Are you an angel? 

the Treasure I found and left on Mt Pilchuck 

Pilchuck Bed & Breakfast 

Lift Off! 

The Last Dive 

I'm so stewpid!