Machias Community Church

Posts From October, 2011

Cheap Lens 

Something just doesn't look right 

Show me the way home 

Lead or follow? 

Before and After 

We have Shroomage 

Nosey Noserson 

Seeing isn't believing 

Eating Snails 

Tender Affection 

Oh No! More stuff 

Eat a Smurf's dwelling? 

Cold shoulder 'christianity' 

Beauty is where you find it 

A crab all dressed up 

The ladder to heaven 

Comfortable in your own skin 

Slow down 

Keep it clean 

Eight-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly 

When you are outnumbered 

At the heart of every village 

A little putty, a little paint make a car what it ain't. 

Avenal BBQ 

Server Error ~ Connection Reset 

Sealth Below 

Bill Hopkins graduated early 

'run aground ~ send gardener' 

Oh No!!! 

Bee Rescued