Machias Community Church

Posts From December, 2011

Bars on stores 

Church Flavors 

Excuse me ~ this is MY house 

Flying Gurnards can't fly 

Lizard Fish 

Lizard Lips 

Christmas Gifts 

Paint away the decay 

White washing the tombs 

Caracara ~ the Mexican Eagle 

When it rains it pours mosquitos 

The not-so-universal 'NO' sign 

Lion Fish ~ it's on the menu! 

Streng Verboden 

Willemstad day and night 

Grote Knip and Jumping Bakers 

Playa Lagun ~ Curacao 

I'm too fat to move 

Sailfin Scuplins 

What a mug! 

Flat fish 

Here... let me get that speck out of your eye 

Tiger and China 

Not a stone ~ a rock 

Stone Fish 

Making a come back in Puget Sound 

Red Gunnel 

Only tropical fish are colorful 

Don't see me! 

Red Irish Lord 

Scorpion Fish