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Posts From February, 2011

More Coldwater Color - the King 

Sea Pen 

Word's escape me 

Sit Boy ~ good boy, here's your treat! 

Another Friendly Encounter 

The Tailor's Daughter 

Your life altered while you wait 

To Eat or be Eaten ~ that is the question. 

Shaggy Mouse 

Flying Walking Sitting 

Elusive Dream? 

OK, now what?! 

This could be a difficult landing 

Day of the Crinoids 

You just know this isn't going to turn out well 

Another ambush predator 

Bee Thankful 

Easy Diver ~ retracted prayer answered 

Our Friday Harbor respite on Lopez Island 

Go to your room! 

Buy the fish and I'll throw in the boat 

Good friends help you clean the bottom 

My dog loves me 

Plenty of guns but no umbrella 

If umbrellas were guns 

Oranges and Opals 

Fast Attack Slug 

The angel on my shoulder