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Posts From April, 2011

Crab Eye Week ~ Saturday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Friday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Thursday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Wednesday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Tuesday 

Today someone is cooking here 

Up the down staircase 

Masters of Gravity 

Thanks, but I'll pass on the duck soup 

That looks good enough to eat! 

Gomer ~ a story of redemption 

Sour grapes! 

Playing with miniatures 

Making sure the holes go all the way through 

Grace doesn't always mean peace 

Red Eyes say leave me alone 

Do crabs blink? 

I love the green eyes 

Is this you? 

Color me Green 

'King of the World' 

Machias Morning tomorrow Evening 

Asphalt Surfer 

Dishonest Spring! 

Always Eating ~ Never Full 

UP side down 

aka Uncle Pug 


Things you find under bridges 

Basket Stars