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Posts From July, 2011

Beauty and the Curse 

I miss these little guys so much! 

Magnificent setting for a wedding 

So thankful for a get-a-way 

Kayaking is for kids of all ages 

the Modern Igloo 

The City that Wasn't 

Light at the end of the tunnel 

Barging in on a wedding 

Riding the Bumble Bee 

Loading Amiee 

Timeless Love 

114° Above Happiness 

Flying through the rainbow 

Peeling Paint and Piled Rope 

Walrus Wishing 

Alaskan Moosquito 

Relax ~ its Photoshopped 

the 'Walking Mouth' 

Where eagles sleep during the day 

Oh my, what big mussels you have! 

Trailer too small or boat too big? 

Happy 1st Anniversary next year 

Buddies just once 

A few buddies 

This isn't your best look 

Let me be clear about something 

Cockerell's Dorid 

The white eyebrows gave you away 

Eyes of the Lord 

Underwater Vacuum