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Coming up on 47 headed for 38 

There are some battles you will not win 

I like things that are built to last 

I couldn't find it to buy or to borrow 

Sorry, this spot is taken 

Musical Interlude 

Cheap Camera Case 

Put on a happy face 

Black and White 

Right down my alley! 

Rocks ahead ~ we'll all be dead! 


Follow the Leader 

I know it's winter... 

First Things First 

No Stress! 

Lost Sole 

I can't take it anymore! 


Bars on stores 

Church Flavors 

Excuse me ~ this is MY house 

Flying Gurnards can't fly 

Lizard Fish 

Lizard Lips 

Christmas Gifts 

Paint away the decay 

White washing the tombs 

Caracara ~ the Mexican Eagle 

When it rains it pours mosquitos 

The not-so-universal 'NO' sign 

Lion Fish ~ it's on the menu! 

Streng Verboden 

Willemstad day and night 

Grote Knip and Jumping Bakers 

Playa Lagun ~ Curacao 

I'm too fat to move 

Sailfin Scuplins 

What a mug! 

Flat fish 

Here... let me get that speck out of your eye 

Tiger and China 

Not a stone ~ a rock 

Stone Fish 

Making a come back in Puget Sound 

Red Gunnel 

Only tropical fish are colorful 

Don't see me! 

Red Irish Lord 

Scorpion Fish 

The Young and the Old  

Wolf Eels are PNW favorites 

More eels, eh? 

This makes me eel at ease 

The oddly named Frogfish 

Sportin' quite a rack there. 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

Purple Cab 

Red Cab 

Attacked by an angry Cabbie! 

There's something fishy about these posts! 

Oh Yes!!! 

Hey Fish Face ~ yeah you! 

There is a price to be paid 

The road less traveled 

Prayer doesn't move God 

Putting feet to our prayers 

The other secret to my success 

Use it or lose it 

Always carry your best camera 

Bring it to a dead stop! 

Are we there yet? 

Some things are worth restoring 

One tree does not a forest make 

Chocolate Covered Cherries 

Don't stick your finger in there 

Spring rolls in the Fall 

Shane wears a suit to work 

Cheap Lens 

Something just doesn't look right 

Show me the way home 

Lead or follow? 

Before and After 

We have Shroomage 

Nosey Noserson 

Seeing isn't believing 

Eating Snails 

Tender Affection 

Oh No! More stuff 

Eat a Smurf's dwelling? 

Cold shoulder 'christianity' 

Beauty is where you find it 

A crab all dressed up 

The ladder to heaven 

Comfortable in your own skin 

Slow down 

Keep it clean 

Eight-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly 

When you are outnumbered 

At the heart of every village 

A little putty, a little paint make a car what it ain't. 

Avenal BBQ 

Sealth Below 

Bill Hopkins graduated early 

Oh No!!! 

Bee Rescued 

Pickled Oreo Cookie 

Coming Alongside 

Lost in the fog 

Boats ahead ~ we'll all be dead! 

The other MCC 

Coronet Bay 

Dig Deep 

'Do you ever just hang?' 

The Sign 

A seed planted grows 

A Ray of Hope 

Some things that go without saying... 




High Key Bunny 

Cascade Falls 

It warms you 5 times 

Sorry but it had to go 

Too much of a bad thing 

Seasoning a wok 


Stay active and stay young 

Are you lonely? 

Sweeping the Lawn 


The State of Things 

In the quiet place 

Men's Retreat 2011 

On closer examination 

How many rocks do you see 

Problems can be solutions 

Scraping the bottom 

The Shapeless Blob Sunstar 


Another PNW Icon 

Iconic PNW 

Oyster Catcher 

We'll bee at the watering hole... 

When we see this... 

Frog Count Contest 

Alligator hunting 

Don't stop the prop 

Coffee Commando 

Paddle them when they are young 

Three wise men 

Finally ~ we have a church sign out front! 

The world's largest softbox 

Paddling the Estuary 

If you could live anywhere... 

Flying High 


Damsel in distress 

I'll try when everyone stops watching me 

Frogpole Bubbles 

Acquiring a round 'Tuit' 

Ambush Baby 

Surprise Deer! 

Frog Week 

Hoo Hoo Bird 

Beauty and the Curse 

I miss these little guys so much! 

Magnificent setting for a wedding 

So thankful for a get-a-way 

Kayaking is for kids of all ages 

the Modern Igloo 

The City that Wasn't 

Light at the end of the tunnel 

Barging in on a wedding 

Riding the Bumble Bee 

Loading Amiee 

Timeless Love 

114° Above Happiness 

Flying through the rainbow 

Peeling Paint and Piled Rope 

Walrus Wishing 

Alaskan Moosquito 

Relax ~ its Photoshopped 

the 'Walking Mouth' 

Where eagles sleep during the day 

Oh my, what big mussels you have! 

Trailer too small or boat too big? 

Happy 1st Anniversary next year 

Buddies just once 

A few buddies 

This isn't your best look 

Let me be clear about something 

Cockerell's Dorid 

The white eyebrows gave you away 

Eyes of the Lord 

Underwater Vacuum 

Bridge to nowhere? 

More Koi please 

Hiding in the bushes 

From the file: 'Ooh Ooh ~ Gotta take a picture' 

Beyond Anacortes 

Braider 4 

Anacortes Lamburgers, Downspouts and Drinking Fountains 

Pushing vs Pulling 

Goat Riders in the Sky 

A different perspective 

North Cascades Highway 

Liberty Bell 

Wisteria Lane 

Risking life on limb 

They're Back 

Don't stick your head in here 

Nipple Sponge 

Underwater Doily 

Yearning for greener grass 

What lies below the surface? 

What is on the inside? 

The ups and downs of life 

When you need a little help with humility 

I can see right through you 

Carls bad finger 

Dead Man's Fingers 

Raccoon Fish 

Like the rolling waves 

Are you dead or just not moving? 

I'm going backwards! 

Content Aware Fill 

Now that the lawn has grown back 

Seen from afar 

Douglas is a squirrel 

Cold water in the face 

You talkin' to me? 

Sponge Bird? 


What a pretty little ear! 

Shop for Less 


Out of the darkness and into the light 

Where is this? 

Sponge Crab Too 

What's soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside? 

Rats swarming all over! 

I know gas is expensive 

Every Tuesday Afternoon 

Carpeting the Pond 

What lurks below? 

What is this woman seeking? 

Did I really need to dig a hole there? 

We walk where others have walked 

What else would you expect? 

Pine Wood Derby tonight 

Oyster Dinner 

Crab Eye Week ~ Monday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Sunday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Saturday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Friday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Thursday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Wednesday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Tuesday 

Today someone is cooking here 

Up the down staircase 

Masters of Gravity 

Thanks, but I'll pass on the duck soup 

That looks good enough to eat! 

Gomer ~ a story of redemption 

Sour grapes! 

Playing with miniatures 

Making sure the holes go all the way through 

Grace doesn't always mean peace 

Red Eyes say leave me alone 

Do crabs blink? 

I love the green eyes 

Is this you? 

Color me Green 

'King of the World' 

Machias Morning tomorrow Evening 

Asphalt Surfer 

Dishonest Spring! 

Always Eating ~ Never Full 

UP side down 

aka Uncle Pug 


Things you find under bridges 

Basket Stars 

InnerSpace Alien 

Tropical diving isn't cool. 

Bottoms up! 

Cranky cabbies are no fun! 

Oh glorious day! 

All is calm 

Six months is a long time! 

I'm floundering around! 

Astoria Fisherman 

One of my favorite places to stay 

Every where I go I'm reminded 

If a bald eagle really were bald  

Speaking of earthquakes~ 


We were delayed at the airport 

Can't we all just get along? 

A knot or not? 

Riding the Diamond Back 

They're so cute when they're sleeping. 

Don't poke the bear 

Time to dust it off 

Adult Pizzas 

My Kitchen 

The fleet began to grow 

Right into the ditch 

You say good bye ~ I say hello 

Finger lickin' good 

No Smoking ~ Safety First 

Beautiful March Point 

How do they know? 

What we see 

More Coldwater Color - the King 

Sea Pen 

Word's escape me 

Sit Boy ~ good boy, here's your treat! 

Another Friendly Encounter 

The Tailor's Daughter 

Your life altered while you wait 

To Eat or be Eaten ~ that is the question. 

Shaggy Mouse 

Flying Walking Sitting 

Elusive Dream? 

OK, now what?! 

This could be a difficult landing 

Day of the Crinoids 

You just know this isn't going to turn out well 

Another ambush predator 

Bee Thankful 

Easy Diver ~ retracted prayer answered 

Our Friday Harbor respite on Lopez Island 

Go to your room! 

Buy the fish and I'll throw in the boat 

Good friends help you clean the bottom 

My dog loves me 

Plenty of guns but no umbrella 

If umbrellas were guns 

Oranges and Opals 

Fast Attack Slug 

The angel on my shoulder 


Naked Gill 

Here is something you don't see everyday! 

Burrito Grande Wet 

Dirty old Wilson 

Naptime on the backside 

The Moon without Venus ~ Denarau Island, Fiji 

Venus following the Moon ~ Lake Stevens, Washington 

The Moon following Venus ~ Kihei Maui, Hawaii 

Sunrise Sunset ~ Akumal, Mexico 

Men who are proud of their dome... 

Respect your elders 

False Hope ~ only $9.95! 

"They will quickly turn and bite if you touch them." 

Cobb Seamount 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

the Grape Eater 

How can I pick a favorite?! 

Snow is so much fun! 

Mick Jagger and Dr Tooth 

So many eyes ~ so little to see 

Scallop burgers 

Catching air 

Here... try this one on for size. 

Sometimes the better seat is standing 

Brown Gold 

Why I like to sit on a sharp rock 

I like to photograph photographers... 

Another favorite underwater critter ~ I call him Bob 

Beauty is in the eye 

the Smiling Marble New Year's Resolution 

Where did the year go! 

From Upgrade to Straight Arrow 

Pimento Jelly 

He waited and watched 

From my recent trip to Mars ~ 

Really now ~ what could be better than pie! 

There is a deer in my pie! 

Two years ago we had a White Christmas 

More Coldwater Color 

Don't touch that! 

While you were sleeping 

Is it Spring yet? 

Is it Spring yet? 

Is it Spring yet? 

Why slide when you can ride? 

Living on clover 

I can't name this fish 

It's raining color 

Pick your favorite 

Why are these people smiling? 

Did I mention that I like... 

When can we go back? 

Aaakk! My nose is blue!!! 

Can any good thing be found at Mukilteo? 

Cameras can see some things we can't 

Guarding empty vessels 

If shoes grew on trees 

Spicify that please 

If your kid asked for bread would you give him a stone? 

Hay. Somebody's living in our old barn! 

About that monster 

About that Cave 

Where have all the heron gone ~ long time passing 

I haven't seen Bob in a while 

Snow Fire 

Proud not to be a turkey 

The color Purple 

Into the lion's den 

The color Blue 

Suckers on the bottom and pinchers on the top 

Digging Sunflowers 

How about a hug? 

This is Pain 

Two months later and he was still there! 

Photographers photographing photographers 

picture perfect picture 

Spraying to reverse the curse 

Tomorrow at MCC 

There really are monsters 

More Washington State is a cool place to live 


This year wasn't last year 

What's wrong with this picture? 

"When all is calm" is a much better state of affairs 

More of my favorite underwater animal 

A small octopus in the hand is better than a large one eating your hand. 

Can you guess where this is? 

Are you ready for this? 

Was it Luck, Serendipity or a Poached Strobe? 

Another Wendy we loved and lost. 

Yesterday we said good bye to our dear friend Wendy 

Speaking of robins 

If robins ruled the world! 

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. 

My Indian name is Swims with Orca 

Sometimes in life you just need to slow down! 

My bad eye is a good eye 

Do ants daydream? 

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like a Picasso painting? 

My razor sharp $235 knife! 

Coconut Curry Recipe 

Sometimes the solution is right there at hand. 

I call him Eve. 

Oh joy ~ I'm tempted to go diving! 

We exercise Faith all the time 

Freeboard? We don't need no stinking freeboard! 

Arachnophobe Warning ~ spider picture inside 

Best. Pie. Ever. 

It wasn't against the law then. 

Then again ~ sometimes you can tell a book by its cover. 

Summer's over - Fall is here 

All your fish are belong to me! 

More ~ Like father like son 

Or are you a crab? 

the Treasure I found and left on Mt Pilchuck 

Pilchuck Bed & Breakfast 

Lift Off! 

The Last Dive 

I hate to give up 

It takes more than eyes to see. 

Each morning I say, "I love you" 

Like father like son 

I've been to the bottom 

Eat your vegetables. 

Fast $8 haircuts 

"Rocks ahead ~ we'll all be dead." 

My favorite anchor find. 

I see the lights. 

My first three dive buddies: Dave, Dave and Dave. 

Men's Retreat 2010 ~ Coronet Bay/Deception Pass ~ Sept 24/25 

Thai Pizza? Is that legal? 

My favorite underwater animal. 

Found a great book to read... 

It's not a wolf and it's not an eel. It's a fish.