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Put on a happy face 

Lost Sole 

Excuse me ~ this is MY house 

Flying Gurnards can't fly 

Lizard Fish 

Lion Fish ~ it's on the menu! 

Playa Lagun ~ Curacao 

I'm too fat to move 

Sailfin Scuplins 

What a mug! 

Flat fish 

Here... let me get that speck out of your eye 

Tiger and China 

Not a stone ~ a rock 

Stone Fish 

Making a come back in Puget Sound 

Red Gunnel 

Only tropical fish are colorful 

Don't see me! 

Red Irish Lord 

Scorpion Fish 

The Young and the Old  

Wolf Eels are PNW favorites 

More eels, eh? 

This makes me eel at ease 

The oddly named Frogfish 

Sportin' quite a rack there. 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

Purple Cab 

Red Cab 

Attacked by an angry Cabbie! 

There's something fishy about these posts! 

Hey Fish Face ~ yeah you! 

Don't stick your finger in there 

Shane wears a suit to work 

Dig Deep 

On closer examination 

The Shapeless Blob Sunstar 


Three wise men 

Oh my, what big mussels you have! 

Buddies just once 

A few buddies 

This isn't your best look 

Cockerell's Dorid 

The white eyebrows gave you away 

Eyes of the Lord 

Underwater Vacuum 

Don't stick your head in here 

Nipple Sponge 

Underwater Doily 

125' deep and she doesn't sleep 

I can see right through you 

Dead Man's Fingers 

Raccoon Fish 

You talkin' to me? 

Sponge Bird? 


What a pretty little ear! 

Sponge Crab Too 

What's soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside? 

Rats swarming all over! 

Every Tuesday Afternoon 

What lurks below? 

Crab Eye Week ~ Monday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Sunday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Saturday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Friday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Thursday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Wednesday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Tuesday 

Grace doesn't always mean peace 

Red Eyes say leave me alone 

Do crabs blink? 

I love the green eyes 

Always Eating ~ Never Full 

UP side down 

aka Uncle Pug 

Basket Stars 

InnerSpace Alien 

Tropical diving isn't cool. 

Suckers on the bottom and pinchers on the top 

Digging Sunflowers