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BFF! Really? 

Cold shoulder 'christianity' 

Eight-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly 

Too much of a bad thing 

Problems can be solutions 

We'll bee at the watering hole... 

Frog Count Contest 

Damsel in distress 

I'll try when everyone stops watching me 

Frogpole Bubbles 

Ambush Baby 

Surprise Deer! 

Frog Week 

More Koi please 

Hiding in the bushes 

They're Back 

What lies below the surface? 

Please don't eat these 

I saw myself 

Carpeting the Pond 

Playing with miniatures 

Another ambush predator 

Snow is so much fun! 

Sometimes the solution is right there at hand. 

I call him Eve. 

All your fish are belong to me! 

I hate to give up