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The Contenders Bible School is available online for pastors, churches and independent distance learners as the Contenders Discipleship Initiative. Eventually the complete two year program will be available on the CDI website. Currently we are offering the first year's courses:

'Bibliology and How to study the Bible'

'Christian Doctrine'

'New Testament'

On-site Instructor lead classes continue to be taught as well at Machias Community Church, Snohomish WA.



<<< 11 Minute sample class session: Introduction to Bibliology

Contenders Bible School Information

We offer a tuition free Bible education at the college level.

Contender's Bible School equips men and women for ministry through an aggressive two-year program of Biblical and ministry-related subjects. Because of its compact course nature, disciplined outside study is required. Due to the difficulty of course work those who graduate will have learned disciplined study habits. Students are taught that Contenders Bible school is only the beginning of what is to be a life-long pursuit of Biblical and Ministry related education. We look for and cultivate a strong desire to learn and the experience that disciplined study produces learning.

In addition to the material that students learn through course work, a program of practical Christian Ministry is also offered that gives students hands on experience in every facet of church ministry from children's ministries to pulpit preaching.

Many of our graduates are in full time Christian Ministry both as Pastors and as Youth Pastors. Others are serving effectively in their home churches. We are especially interested in training Missionary Pastors to serve with Village Missions.

Contenders has been officially endorsed by the Board of Village Missions for developing Village Missionaries. We are eager to 'export' this leadership training model to other churches to help them equip the Saints to do the work of the ministry.

Class Times

Classes are held Monday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9p.


Enroll for courses using the enrollment form on the CDI website.

Those enrolling for classes at Machias Community Church

Select "Pastor Led" under Classroom Type and in the "Additional Comments" field at the bottom enter "Enrolling for class at Machias Community Church".



Contenders Bible School is currently divided into six courses with each course covering multiple subjects. The Pastoral Ministry component is taught by the local pastor through active mentoring in all aspects of ministry as well as church administration. If you are interested in more information on any of these courses, please contact us by phone (1.425.334.1291) or e-mail (

  • Culture and customs of Bible times
  • How the Bible was written
  • Biblical interpretation
  • How to study the Bible

Christian Doctrine

  • Systematic Theology
  • Comparative religions

New Testament

  • New Testament survey
  • Culture, History, Background
Old Testament
  • Old Testament survey
  • Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Old Testament typology
  • Evangelism
  • Teaching
  • Preaching

Church History


  • Ecclesiology
  • Church history
  • Development of systematic theology