Machias Community Church

Carpeting the Pond 

Posted by Pastor Ron Tuesday, May 10, 2011 7:00:00 AM

No, not 'carping' - as in adding goldfish. Carpeting as in putting down carpet.

The carpet isn't for the fish, it is to protect the rubber liner from sharp rocks and sticks that might poke holes and let the water out. Fish don't need carpet but they do need water.

Back when I dug the hole for the pond I was hoping that it would hold water but it didn't. This would have been a great location for the drain field. Who knew. :-[

But there it was ~ a 25' x 50' hole in the ground that wouldn't hold water. So Marilyn got onto the computer and searched for rubber pond liner. Very expensive! :-{

Then she searched Craigslist and found a fellow a couple of miles down the road  who was trying to sell a 30' x 60' left over roll of very heavy rubber pond liner and would deliver.  :-)

And where did we find that beautiful black and grey stripped carpet?

Marilyn contacted a carpet dealer in Arlington and asked if they had any remnants. They told her to bring a truck. When we arrived they gave us a huge roll of brand new wool carpet! :-D

Free carpet already marked in one foot increments. Low cost heavy duty rubber liner just the right size. Do you think God had anything to do with this? I'm definitely thinking so.

Before we even ask the answer is on the way and before I even started the backhoe God already had the damage under control.