Machias Community Church

Douglas is a squirrel 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, May 25, 2011 7:00:00 AM

A Douglas Squirrel to be precise. He runs through the ivy on the porch and keeps the birds in a panic. The apples Marilyn left out on the old antique sewing machine are his mid-day snack but his real business is cutting and storing pine cones.

Last week while busy talking on the cell phone I stomped up onto the porch and reached for the goldfish food not even noticing Douglas there on his apple. I almost grabbed him by mistake.

He stopped eating for a moment and look up as if to say, 'Get your own apple ~ this one is mine' and then continued eating as I reached behind him and retrieved the goldfish food.

Since my cell phone has a camera I asked him to stop eating for a moment and pose for a picture.