Machias Community Church


Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, September 16, 2011 7:00:00 AM

I appreciated their willingness to let me practice on them but I knew that their patience wouldn't be infinite like the bunny. Even if I didn't have the lighting all figured out I still wanted a mother daughter shot on Marilyn's birthday so I need to get it done.

Two speedlights in softboxes are lighting the background from the sides. I would have been better off using bare speedlights directly behind Robin and Marilyn. (I just tried that the next day sans subjects and it worked! Totally nuked the off white background to pure dazzling white.)

Front left key light is a strobe and right fill is a white reflector panel. On the back drop support I have a third speedlight for a hair light. I should have dialed that one down or even eliminate it.

I'm learning. One important thing I learned is that the subject closer to the camera appears larger. Marilyn schooled me on this today. Ummm... I hadn't thought about that. It is the relative distance that matters and I was fairly close. If I had used a longer lens and stepped back away from them it would have been much better.