Machias Community Church
New to Machias?

Who We Are

Machias Community Church is an independent fellowship of believers desiring to worship God in Spirit and in Truth; exalting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; seeking to keep in step with God's Spirit by walking in obedience to God's inspired, inerrant Word, and reaching out to our community with the only answer to all of man's needs: The Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Worship at Machias is informal and meaningful. While we do not follow a prescribed liturgy, we consistently include worship in singing praise through hymns and choruses along with biblical preaching. Occasionally there is a special musical by the church choir or an individual.

Children's church for children 3 years old through the 6th grade is offered midway through the main worship service. Nursery child care is also provided.

Worship Service Schedule
Sunday morning, 10:30 am Worship Service is in the large gray-colored chapel.

Sunday School
Sunday morning, 9:00 am An adult-level Sunday school class offers instruction in Bible subjects.

Mission Statement

The mission of Machias Community Church is to reach the unsaved in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of our programs and activities are evangelical in nature. While many of us support foreign missionaries individually, as a church we have chosen to focus our missionary concern on two fronts: here at home through the ministries of Machias Community Church, and nationally through the ministry of Village Missions.

Church Government

Machias Community Church has a modified form of congregational church government.

The affairs of the Church are administered by the staff and various boards with mutual accountability and annual accountability to the voting membership. The Church Staff is responsible for daily operations while the Elder Board is responsible for overall operations. The Elder Board is also the policy making body of the Church. The Deacons are responsible for ministering to the physical spiritual needs of the congregation. The Trustees are responsible for the facility and legal needs of the congregation. The voting membership meets at least once a year on the fourth Friday evening of February to hear an accounting of the previous year and to give approval for the next year's operations and budget.



Pastoral leadership is supplied by Village Missions: an interdenominational, cooperative, faith missionary society; ministering to the spiritual needs of rural and suburban communities in the U. S. and Canada - evangelical in its concept and evangelistic in its approach.


Want to know Jesus?

God is loving and merciful. You were created for Him. He desires the absolute best for you. You were created to be with Him forever!

He knows you and wants you to know Him intimately.

Because God is perfectly holy, He cannot be in the presence of sin. A relationship with Him requires holiness. You are inadequate to maintain a relation with Him.

But God in His love and mercy has done everything necessary to make an intimate relationship with you possible, without any effort from you.

God's work has been completely finished in His Son, Jesus Christ!

God has provided forgiveness for your inability to be perfect through two things: Substitution and Identification.

Substitution ~ Jesus voluntarily took upon Himself all of your sin. He was brutally punished and died so that you could experience His life with God, your Father. Because Jesus took your sins on Himself and paid your debt in full, God is able to view you as perfectly blameless. There is nothing which can separate you from His love and forgiveness.

Identification ~ in order to receive His forgiveness, simply admit you are a sinner, recognize His substitution for you, identify with Him as your Savior and put your trust in Him.

Putting your trust in Jesus means turning your back on being your "own boss" and allowing Him to be the "boss of you."

Talk to Him right now. He knows everything about you. You can be honest with Him. Admit that you're not able to live perfectly and that you are a sinner. Choose to trust that Jesus' punishment was for you and begin obeying God's desire for you.

When you do this, you become a child of God. You have everlasting life. To continue to develop as His child, God's Word (the Bible) tells us to:

- Read and study the Bible
- Talk to God daily
- Participate in a community of God's children
- Tell others of the grace that God has revealed to you
- Trust God for every aspect of your life