Machias Community Church

Rats swarming all over! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, May 13, 2011 7:00:00 AM

These strange looking but beautiful creatures make up a large portion of the fish biomass in Puget Sound much to the chagrin of fishermen who find them a nuisance by-catch.

They also have an unfortunate name: ratfish. Personally, as a scuba diver, I love them. They are very curious and friendly.

The one pictured above swam along side me for a while and even let me put my camera right up into its face. Notice that the dorsal fin is laying down which is a sign that the fish is calm and not on alert at all.

That dorsal fin contains a large venomous spine that can inflict a painful wound. That is another reason why fishermen don't like ratfish. But then ratfish don't like fishermen either.